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  • Untraditional Cream Ale

    Hijack Cream Ale is an Aggressive rendition of a traditional style, brewed using two-row & pilsner malts with tradition hops.

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  • India Pale Ale

    Warrior & Tomahawk hops battle on a well balanced base of malted barleys.

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  • Fire Brush Amber

    A blend of Crystal malts create a unique roasted maltiness backed by a light hop profile

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  • Olde Ale

    Based on President Thomas Jefferson's "Plug Nickel" Pale Ale recipe, circa late 1700's. A heavenly body founded on grits and blueberry honey. Plentiful amounts of Fuggles hops finish off this incredible adaptation.

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  • What happens when you take a serious porter and cross it with everything you'd find in a pumpkin pie? Pumpkin Massacre, our first fall seasonal. Malty and dark with notes of pumpkin and spice and nice pecan finish.

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  • “Sweep the Leg” Peanut Butter Stout is based on an American Stout with the unique addition of peanut butter. The peanut butter is added during the fermentation process for maximum flavor. The beer has a roasted peanut butter nose, smooth body, light hop profile and a noticeable but subtle peanut butter finish.

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  • Double Tap Imperial India Pale Ale is a well balanced stealthy HOP BOMB! Using Azacca, Citra, & Equinox hops we developed a easy drinking double that weighs in at a whopping 103 IBU @ 10% ABV.

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Untraditional Cream Ale


India Pale Ale


Fire Brush Amber

  • Sometimes!


Olde Ale


Pumpkin Pecan Seasonal

Sweep The Leg

Peanut Butter Stout

Double Tap

Imperial India Pale Ale