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World Beer Championships 2015

Beverage Testing Institute - January, 2016


Infamous Brewing Co. wins 4 medals in the 2015 World Beer Championships held at The Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago, IL. Camacho - Gold Medal - Amrican Stout, Infamy - Gold Medal - Strong Ale, Pumpkin Massacre - Silver Medal - Flavored Porter, Sweep The Leg - Silver Medal - Flavored Stout

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Texas Craft Beer Club - January 2016

Beer maker expands operations

Community Impact- January, 2016


Infamous Brewing Co. outgrew its Hudson Bend facility in 2015, prompting owner Josh Horowitz to partner with Dallas-area Grapevine Craft Brewery for additional beer production, he said. Infamous brewed its first beer in Grapevine on Dec. 1, Horowitz said. As a result of the added space, the brewery is expecting to produce more beer, including new brews —Camacho, an 8 percent alcohol by volume, or ABV, beer made from the base of its peanut butter stout, Sweep the Leg, and India pale ale Party Juice—in early 2016, he said.

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